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М2М telematics Solution Data Transmission From Any Point
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M2M Business Solution
Partnership Program

The mission of "M2M-BusinessSolution" partnership program is distribution of the company's turn-key solution among companies who want to be telematics operators in their regions and markets. Telematics operators supply Fleet Managament System and provide package of telematics services for Corporate, Municipal and State clients.

Partnership Program encompasses
  • Transfer of business technologies to launch an independent Partner’s telematics business
  • Supply of software and hardware enabling provision of turn-key telematics services to end-users by the Partner
  • Provision of complex back-up services to our Partners (organizational, technical, and marketing support).

With purchase of "M2M-BusinessSolution" a company becomes an official "M2M telematics" Partner.

"M2M-BusinessSolution" General Markets

"M2M-BusinessSolution" is a comprehensive telematics solution designed for various market segments:

  • Mass transportation
  • Housing and communal services
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Emergency services
  • Hazardous waste utilization
  • International and interurban transportations
  • Cargo carriers
  • Distribution (FMCG)
"M2M-BusinessSolution" telematics platform

"M2M-BusinessSolution" is a hardware-software complex. This complex is based on "client-server" technology with occasional use of WEB-technologies.

  • Telematics server hardware
  • M2M-BusinessSolution® server software
  • GIS-server
  • Electronic vector cards
  • Client software
  • AVL-terminals
  • Communication channels

M2M-BusinessSolution® server software is a registered "M2M telematics" trademark. It is a special purpose software that could be customized to satisfy customers’ needs.

Please contact Alexander Kozlishin to learn more about partnership program opportunities.
E-mail: solution@m2m-t.ru