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М2М telematics Solution Data Transmission From Any Point
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Transport in the city

BN-City® is a mobile (GLONASS/GPS/GPRS) system of transport tracking and control of the BusinessNavigator® family.
The solution is aimed at tracking the location and status of vehicles and other monitored objects and effective control of carriage by companies which operate mainly in and around cities.
BN-City® ensures continuous tracking of vehicles, cargoes and specialized technology at low operational cost due to the use of modern technologies and professional equipment.
The introduction of the system marks a qualitatively new level of controlling transport, cargo carriage and monitoring the work of specialized equipment.

Areas of Application

The BN-City® system is intended for:
  • inter-city cargo carrying companies
  • construction and maintenance companies
  • housing and utilities services
  • delivery and cash collection services
  • taxis and passenger transport
  • rescue and ambulance services
  • emergency services
  • governmental and departmental fleets of vehicles
  • companies delivering goods
  • companies renting and leasing vehicles

    Functional Capacity

  • by-the-minute real time tracking of the location of vehicles
  • monitoring the passage of fixed points at a fixed period of time
  • display of the location and routes at any time interval on a detailed city map
  • determining the status of the vehicle, the operation of the specialized systems and equipment through a system of gauges
  • "satellite electronic odometer" for control of actual vehicle mileage
  • in the absence of a GSM network locations are recorded in a black box and information is automatically relayed when entering the network
  • monitoring the time and location of cargo loading and unloading
  • monitoring the commencement and termination of the work of specialized technology and equipment
  • compiling of reports on vehicle movement
  • storage of information received in the data base.

    Merits and Advantages

  • Uninterrupted tracking of the vehicle along the route
  • Wide opportunities to control the equipment: body lifting, projection of the mobile crane arm, rotation of the mixer, hooking/ unhooking trailer, opening/ shutting of the doors of the cabin and body, switch-on of taxi meter, activation of standard alarm system, switch off of the storage battery, pressing of alarm button, etc.
  • Diverse uses: monitoring the time and location of loading/ unloading, start/ end of movement, operation of special technology and devices, taking on/ discharging passengers, violation of the terms of vehicle rent, etc.
  • Continuous feeding of information during vehicle movement
  • Transfer in "sleeping" mode of signals from gauges with data on current location
  • Prompt delivery of messages
  • Low cost of equipment
  • Minimal operational cost
  • Credit system of payment for traffic
  • Possibility of hidden installation
  • Security and search functions.

    Brief Description of the System

    The BN-City® system is a hardware-software complex consisting of subscriber terminals (including peripheral devices and the dispatcher’s work station).
    A subscriber (GLONASS/GPS/GPRS) navigation and communication terminal is installed on the vehicle which automatically tracks the location of the vehicle, speed, direction and the state of gauges:
  • lifting of the dump truck body
  • projection of mobile crane arm
  • rotation of mixer
  • hooking/unhooking trailer
  • opening/ shutting of cabin doors
  • switching off of the storage battery
  • alarm button.
    Thereafter the subscriber’s terminal automatically relays the gathered information via GPRS data transmission channels to the dispatcher’s work station.

    Scheme of system Operation

    1. Dispatcher center
    2. Internet
    3. GLONASS/ GPS space navigation system
    4. M2M server
    5. GPRS operator
    6. Locating the vehicle
    7. Location data

    Dispatcher’s Workstation

    The dispatcher’s workstation is provided with a computer, and Internet access with the possibility of work with FTP. CyberFleet® software is installed in the computer.
    CyberFleet® is modern dispatcher software, it is the client’s part of the global transport tracking and control system BusinessNavigator®.
    CyberFleet® software is intended for online monitoring and control of mobile objects of various designations.
    CyberFleet® software is the latest product of the company "M2M telematics" which draws on many years of experience in developing and operating tracking systems and anticipates all the possible needs of corporate clients.
    CyberFleet® software, thanks to its broad functional possibilities, high productivity and reliability does not only locate objects on the electronic map in online mode, but offers wide opportunities to monitor moving objects, plan and track the compliance with the routes and further optimize them.

    Equipment for the system

    The navigation equipment in the ST is receivers of the Global Navigation systems GLONASS/GPS which permit high-accuracy tracking of location and navigation parameters (speed, direction, elevation above sea level) of vehicles using navigation satellite signals.
    At present the BN-City® system supports the following types of equipment:
  • subscribers’ GSM/GPS navigation and communication terminal BN-City GXP
  • subscribers’ GSM/GLONASS/GPS telematic terminal M2M-Cyber GLX.
    In addition, the following types of peripheral devices can be connected to the BN-City® system:
  • fuel level sensor: intended to measure the level of fuel in the vehicle fuel tank
  • temperature sensor: to measure air temperature inside the driver’s cabin and the vehicle body and to measure outside temperature
  • buzzer: device to summon the driver
  • alarm button: secretly installed button for the driver to send alarm signal to the dispatch center
  • voice communication: microphone and speaker set for voice communication with the driver from the dispatch center
  • security video: a compact video camera installed in the driver’s cabin or in the vehicle body
  • LC display unit: receives text message from the dispatch center.

    Economic Effect

    The introduction of the BN-City® system will substantially improve the economic performance of the use of transport and specialized equipment:
  • due to continuous tracking of the movement idle time is reduced and the turnaround enhanced
  • the fact that the vehicle location is displayed in real time substantially cuts the cost of mobile communications
  • accumulation of statistical information on the routes and movement regimes makes it possible to optimize dispatcher services
  • permanent tracking of the location disciplines drivers and reduces accident rate
  • monitoring of the vehicle location prevents stealing of cargoes and materials
  • tracking of actual mileage and fuel consumption reduces running costs
  • knowledge of the actual location of the vehicle makes it possible to control it
  • hidden installation of the navigation and communication equipment and the possibility of remote killing of the engine increases the level of vehicle and special technology protection against theft.
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