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М2М telematics Solution Data Transmission From Any Point
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Transport on any territory

BN-Global® is a mobile (GLONASS/GPS/GPRS) system of transport tracking and control of the BusinessNavigator® family.
The solution will provide tracking of the location and status of vehicles and other objects of control and effective control of carriage by companies operating in any part of the globe.
The system’s zone of operation corresponds to the footprint of the INMARSAT system, i.e. the whole globe (with the exception of Polar areas).
BN-Global® ensures constant tracking of vehicles, cargoes and specialized technology at low operational cost due to the use of modern technologies and professional equipment.
The introduction of the system marks a qualitatively new level of controlling transport, cargo carriage and monitoring the work of specialized equipment.

Areas of Application

The BN-Global® system is intended to equip objects in regions with underdeveloped communications, remote areas as well as motor vehicles traveling over long distances on intercity and international routes, for railway, river and small sea-going craft.

Functional Capacity

  • tracking of the location of transport means on request or in automatic mode at fixed intervals
  • remote configuration of time interval
  • display of the location and routes on the computer screen on the terrain electronic map
  • exchange of messages with the driver’s mobile phone, with all the messages stored in the databse
  • determining the status of the transport (on the basis of the gauge readings)
  • storage of all the information on the movement of transport means in the data base
  • compiling of various reports from database,
  • global zone of action
  • monitoring movement according to various parameters (time, stops, speed, work of sensors)
  • standard cost of messaging throughout the world
  • credit system of payment for traffic
  • prompt delivery of messages
  • independence from ground communication means
  • equipment is shockproof and resistant to external factors
  • work in rugged terrain and foul weather
  • certificate of compliance with GOST-R provided

    Brief Description of the system

    The BN-Global® system is a hardware-software complex consisting of subscriber terminals (including peripheral devices and the dispatcher’s workstation).
    A subscriber (GLONASS/GPS/GPRS) navigation and communication terminal is installed on the vehicle which automatically tracks the location of the vehicle, speed, direction and the state of gauges.
    The subscriber’s terminal, automatically or on user’s request, relays the gathered information through wireless communication channels to the dispatcher’s workstation, telemetric server and dispatcher centers of user’s information on the location and movement of the object and data on the status of its main systems.
    The scheme of the system is shown on the figure below

    1. Dispatching center
    2. INMARSAT communication satellites
    3. GLONASS/GPS space navigation system
    4. M2M server
    5. INMARSAT base station
    6. location of cargo

    Dispatcher’s Workstation

    The dispatcher’s workstation is provided with a computer, and Internet access with the possibility of work with FTP. CyberFleet® air software is installed in the computer.
    CyberFleet® is modern dispatcher software, it is the client’s part of the global transport tracking and control system BusinessNavigator®.
    CyberFleet® software is intended for online monitoring and control of mobile objects of various designations.
    CyberFleet® software is the latest product of the company "M2M Telematics" which draws on many years of experience in developing and operating tracking systems and anticipates all the possible needs of corporate clients.
    CyberFleet® software, thanks to its broad functional possibilities, high productivity and reliability, does not only locate objects on the electronic map in online mode, but offers wide opportunities to monitor moving objects, plan and track the compliance with the routes and further optimize them.

    Equipment for the system

    The BN-Global® system uses professional equipment operating in INMARSAT D+ standard which has the lowest cost of equipment and messages among satellite communication systems.
    At present the BN-Global® system supports the following types of equipment:
  • satellite terminal BN-Global SAT 201 (UK) In addition, the following types of peripheral devices can be connected to the BN-Global® system:
  • buzzer: device to summon the driver
  • alarm button: secretly installed button for the driver to send alarm signal to the dispatch center.

    Economic Effect

    The introduction of the BN-Global® system greatly improves the economic performance in using transport means and specialized technology:
  • continuous movement tracking cuts idle time and enhances turnaround
  • the fact that the vehicle location is displayed in real time substantially cuts the cost of mobile communications
  • accumulation of statistical information on the routes and movement regimes makes it possible to optimize dispatcher services
  • permanent tracking of the location disciplines drivers and reduces accident rate
  • monitoring of the vehicle location prevents stealing of cargoes and materials
  • tracking of actual mileage and fuel consumption reduces running costs
  • knowledge of the actual location of the vehicle makes it possible to control it
  • hidden installation of the navigation and communication equipment and the possibility of remote killing of the engine increases the level of vehicle and special technology protection against theft.
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