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М2М telematics Solution Data Transmission From Any Point
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GLONASS-based tracking collar

Experimental solution for mobile object monitoring

GLONASS-based tracking collar
Brief description of the technology platform

As part of its ongoing work on the experimental solution for mobile object monitoring, М2М telematics is the first Russian vendor to have developed a technology platform for GLONASS-based portable devices.

Core platform components:
  • A compact and economical GLONASS/GPS receiver module
  • Micromechanical three-axis accelerometer (complete with mathematical apparatus) with a motion sensor independent of the navigation receiver. This allows powering down the navigation receiver to conserve power when the object is immobile
  • Special software enabling a stable connection with standard GSM modems and minimum energy consumption in any conditions
  • A combination of technologies enabling the use of lithium polymer batteries with the highest specific power density achievable today
  • Mobile object location using GLONASS (preferably) or the GPS system
  • Data transmission to central server using GSM communication (via GPRS)
  • Display of information about the monitored object on a GSM communicator, hand-held computer or PC
  • Automatic monitoring that notifies the controlling operator about any parameters going out-of-limits

A range of devices for personal and industrial use can be devised based on the technology platform.

A device capable of operating autonomously for several months can have multiple applications in the monitoring of various fleets: motor, river, sea, and rail transport, including containers.

Specific applications:
  • Tracking hazardous / valuable cargo
  • Tracking persons and service animals in the interests of the police, emergency management service, penitentiary service, drug traffic control service, and the military
Technology platform features:
  • Russian-developed software (for both microcontrollers and PCs); M2M telematics owns all source codes of software products
  • Russian-made GLONASS receiver
  • All product components use standard interfaces and can be replaced with equivalents, including Russian-made ones
  • The system has been built using generally recognized international standards that have been successfully tested in practice

M2M telematics technology platform allows manufacturing internationally competitive products