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М2М telematics Solution Data Transmission From Any Point
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Public Transportation Management System

M2M-CityBus is a Public Transportation Management System based on GLONASS/GPS technologies.

Public transport projects are characterized by complex specifications and high quality standards concerning passenger safety, availability, and maintainability.

M2M-CityBus system is customized to satisfy demands of public transport industry.

This solution is designed for government-owned and private public transport companies for dispatching, long-term fleet usage planning, real-time vehicle tracking, etc.

M2M-CityBus is a value added solution that meets specific requirements and individual needs.

Implemented In
  • Government-owned and private public transport companies
  • Transport companies with fixed routes and schedules
  • Central Dispatch Service at municipal and regional level

Main Features
  • Dispatching
  • Real-time monitoring of vehicle location, speed, direction, etc.
  • Tracing and Tracking in a real-time mode
  • Control
  • Daily Management
  • Long-Term Planning
  • Integral resource management
  • Routing
  • Timetable management
  • Long-term schedule adherence
  • Reporting and Statistics
  • Analysis

Implementation effectiveness
  • Social value: increased standards of passenger service, optimized work-rest ratio, enhanced staff discipline
  • Economic efficiency: reduced costs for fleet maintenance, decrease in fuel consumption
  • Managerial implications: enhanced dispatching performance, and long/short term planning
  • Safety: speed and route control, operational communication with a driver, improved emergency response

M2M-CityBus complex

M2M-CityBus system is a hardware-software complex.
The complex is based on "client-server" technology with occasional use of WEB-technologies.

The system consists of:
  • Telematics server: BN-Complex® Server Software
  • Dispatch center: M2M-CityBus® Client Software
  • GIS-server
  • Electronic vector cards
  • GLONASS/GPS AVL-terminals: M2M-Cyber GX/GLX.
Operation scheme

How it works

Vehicles are fitted with AVL-terminals (based on GLONASS/GPS/GPRS) that permit round-the-clock monitoring of current location, speed, direction of moving, and work of on-board indicators.
The total volume of navigation and technical information received from the vehicles being tracked is fed to the telematics server and sent to the dispatch center.
Special client software installed at the dispatcher’s workstation uses electronic vector multi-layer maps of the terrain reflecting with high resolution the current location of the vehicles independently of the location.

M2M-CityBus for Intelligent Transportation Systems

M2M-CityBus system is an integral part of Intelligent Transportation Systems. It is designed to support the overall Public Transport Strategy and to make a public transport network capable to deliver high quality services in pursuit of providing a sustainable public transport operation, both on municipal- and region-wide scale.


M2M-CityBus system enjoys vast integration capabilities for various enterprise IT-systems.


M2M-CityBus system was adopted in different Russian cities and regions both at municipal and regional level: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Penza, Ekaterinburg, Kostroma, Tambov, Saratov, Olympic Sochi, etc.