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М2М telematics Software Data Transmission From Any Point
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The М2М-CityBus software product is designed to support computerization of PRTE and/or any other road haulage entities operating fixed routes under fixed timetables.

The baseline software package has three standard configurations of a Computerized Workstation (CW):

  • «CW for PRTE Operations»
  • «CW for PRTE Traffic Control»
  • «CW for PRTE Top Manager»
  • «CW for Administrator»

    • CW for PRTE Operations:
      • Automated scheduling that supports manual processing of timetables (deletions, editing)
      • Approval of timetable by authorized user (the timetable is invalid unless authorized)
      • Automatic entry into force of approved timetables depending on the season, working day or weekend or public holiday
      • Automated planning of putting buses up for lunch breaks with due regard for duration of shifts and duration of lunch breaks for shifts and routes, with automated leveling of service intervals
      • Maintenance of directories
      • Monitoring operational indicators (vehicle mileage, working hours, idle time, average speeds)
      • Keeping account of «zero runs», «vehicle delivery runs»
      • Generation of route chrono-card based on bus tracking
      • Generation of reports per personnel and vehicle directories
      • Generation of routes by marking the map, using tracks, logging coordinates into table of route key points
      • Projecting route grid on city map (both all routes and selected ones – or only those currently services by buses)
      • Option to level intervals of passage of one control point by buses serving different routes (spreading passage timing to avoid “caravan”-like movement of buses)
      • Support of service routes that have “extensions” and «drive-ins»
      • Generation of reports wrt crew work time for certain periods with due regard for departures from route

    • CW for PRTE Control Room:
      • Generation, approval and updating of Assignment List
      • Automated and visual monitoring of scheduled passage of check points and passage intervals
      • Recording odd-nominal situations and departures from established route in special logbook
      • Working the data archive in data and/or journal scroll mode
      • Visual projection of routes and vehicles on the map
      • Automatic calculation of regularity (a quality parameter for bus operations)
      • Voice link and SMS exchanges directly from the software (subject to GSM modem being hooked up to PC)
      • Playback of recorded navigation data with an option to adjust playback speed
      • Visual projection of traffic vs. schedules in table format (changing colors when passing and/or showing lateness) with projection relative to current time of the day
      • Visual projection of traffic vs. schedules in table format (changing colors when passing and/or showing lateness) with projection relative to reference check point
      • Remote control of user terminals
      • Commanding Logbook of off-nominal situations to be ready for printing
      • Commanding Itineraries to be ready for printing
      • Commanding Assignment List to be ready for printing

    • CW for PRTE Top Manager:
      • Timetable review and approval
      • Review of Logbook of off-nominal situations
      • Review and approval of Assignment List
      • Showing interactive reports and management characteristics of enterprise (overall mileage, etc.)
      • Review of operational information on «CW for PRTE Controller»
      • Review of operational information on «CW for PRTE Operations»

      • Generating standard configurations
      • Assigning rights to users for function utilization
      • Administering services to obtain data and send out commands
      • Assigning rights to users for review and editing of Directories (with option to limit access to Directory line level)
      Owners of M2M-CityBus software product are entitled to the following support from М2М telematics:
    • general information/inquiry support: consultations by telephone or e-mail, regular notification of users about new software versions
    • software support services: technical consultations over the phone or via e-mail, or visits by technical specialists for diagnostics and service planning
    • planned upgrading of current software versions
    • addressing users’ requirements and wishes when issuing new software versions
    • Easy to install, no special skills required
    • Unlimited scaling
    • Workstation designer – ability to assign functions to users from the common pool and generate workstation templates
    • Software self-updating without halting system operations
    • Standard requirements to hardware
    • Access to information – using standard IP-channels
    • Software compatible with Windows 2000/XP
    • Ability to hook up user’s existing data systems
    • Ergonomical state-of-the-art interface forms, user-friendly editors of routes, timetables and work plans
    • Generic interface of Traffic Controller’s workstation enabling on-line monitoring of irregularities and traffic management
    • Capability to support the most popular vector and focused-beam maps
    • Insensitivity to type of equipment installed on vehicles
    • Multi-lingual interface supporting translation by user of the entire interface into any language
    • Detailed inquiry service built into the interface
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